Honors Information for Faculty

Procedure and FAQs for Faculty Honors Program

Honors Contract Process and Forms

What is an Honors contract?
Honors contracts are written agreements between you and the student in a non-honors section. A simple one-page form, the honors contract specifies honors-level objectives that you will ask your students to meet.
How do I begin this process?
Students will contact their instructor and request to convert their regular course into an Honors contract.
Where can I get the form?
Forms are available on the right sidebar of the Honors homepage, under "Important Documents".    
What is the deadline and next steps?
Instructors must approve a students Honors contract request within the first two - three weeks of the semester (deadline appears on contract form).  If instructor approves student's Honors request, instructor will complete and submit Honors Contract form to mirahonors@sdccd.edu.  Following approval by the Honors Coordinator, the Honors Contract will be forwarded to the Dean of Liberal Arts. Following approval by the dean, the Honors designation will appear on the faculty roster.  
Do I need to write a new syllabus?
Instructors should email a new syllabus (simply list honors objectives and assignments on a regular syllabus) by week six of the semester.
Please contact the Honors Office at mirahonors@sdccd.edu, with any questions about the process.

Honors Course Proposal Process and Forms

The Course Proposal Process
Twice during each academic year, the District Honors committee sends out a call for new honors course proposals. Seminal ideas for new courses from our faculty (sometimes sparked by students) are submitted in a prescribed Honors proposal format to the District Honors committee for review and consideration. Honors committee members debate and evaluate the merits of each proposal and recommend selected courses for inclusion in the official class schedules of each campus. Budgeting, publicity, student recruitment, support of cultural events, and course evaluations all flow from the generation of that original idea for a classroom experience.
How do I offer an Honors Class?
The San Diego Community College District Honors Program has been highly successful, offering nearly 400 courses by well over 100 faculty in more than 40 departments spanning the last ten years.
The first step in offering an honors course is to develop an honors syllabus. A typical honors course has any of the following characteristics:
  • high degree of student participation and involvement
  • high standards of performance
  • more independent reading and research
  • enhancement of critical thinking
  • greater flexibility in format and teaching methodologies
  • increased use of primary sources
  • selected field trips, guest speakers, opportunities to attend related cultural and social events
  • greater depth or breadth of subject matter
  • more opportunities for writing
Using your honors syllabus, you can then complete the Honors Course Proposal form. The proposal must be approved by your department chair and dean before it is submitted to the Honors Coordinator. The final step in the approval process is the evaluation of your proposal by the District Honors Committee. At this point, an interview or more information may be requested by the committee. This entire process takes place one year before the course will be taught. To propose an honors class, contact the Honors Coordinator, Professor Carmen Jay, for forms, sample proposals, and assistance in completing your proposal.
(See "Important Documents" in the right sidebar)

Flex Credit Requirements

Flex Time for Honors Contracts Flex credit is available for instructors who offer honors contracts. A fixed number of hours (10 per honors contract student) will be awarded for each contract offered, with thirty flex hours as a maximum per semester.